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Vidya Samam ...

nAsti vidyA samaM chakShU nAsti satya samaM tapaH |  nAsti rAga samaM duHkham  nAsti tyAga samaM sukham  
नास्ति विद्या समं चक्षुः |  नास्ति सत्य समं तपः ||  नास्ति राग समं दुःखं |  नास्ति त्याग समं सुखं  || 
There's no something much like a good education, there's no asceticism like following the path of The Truth (the path of the truth is where  there's no sorrow or sadness like the emotional depression or apathetic or despair there's no happiness, contentment in life like the one in renunciation and sacrifice

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