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Delta Air Lines Customer Care Form  
Title: Mr
First Name: Gurudatha
Middle Name: xxxxx
Last Name: Pai
Reply-To Email Address: g*****@gmail.com 
Airline Program: DL
Frequent Flyer Number: xxxxx 
Address: xxxxxxx
Address Line 2:  
City: Kirkland
State/Province: WA
Postal Code/Zip: xxxx
Country: US
Telephone Country Code: US
Phone Number: xxx-xxx-xxxx 
Flight Date: 11/xx/2016
Flight Number: DL0035 
Origin City: CDG
Destination City: SEA
Confirmation Number: AHSKRG
Ticket Number: xxxxxxxxx
Class of Travel: basic_economy
Response Required: yes

Message: Hello,
 I have a laundry list of complaints for this flight's in airport and in flight service. I almost had it with the crew of this airplane and wanted to speak to the cabin supervisor. The only reason not to do so was so as to not loose my piece of mind on a long trans-atlantic flight.

1. We were standing in line (my wife was with me on the same route with a separate ticket). We were pulled out of the line by rude person asking us why we were in line for check in without talking to him first. Then somebody else puts himself in the middle of this rude conversation to tell us that they are Delta's security team and had questions for us before checking in. Then I get asked if this was my first air travel! First of all, there is a better way to introduce oneself and then how am I supposed to know the private security Delta is working with and to check in with.

2. We were seated in the flight and asked the flight attendant (one mr. Mark) to "could you please get me a glass of water when you come around next time?" He looks at my water bottle on the seat and asks me "why? Don't you have water with you in that bottle?" Really? Is that a question to be asked in return for a request for a glass of water? Just so that you know, the bottle was empty, visibly, clearly crushed to be trashed. He brings me a glass in a couple of minutes.

3. Meal service - The lady on the right aisle-way brings us drinks and I request some wine and glass of club soda, no ice. She doesn't hear me and gives me water instead of club soda.

4. No problem, I see the service on the left. Mark is serving drinks and I ask him for club soda, no ice. Mark proceeds to observe that I have trashed the plastic cup he had given me water with earlier and gives a lecture about reusing the cup. He is then too busy making polite conversations with a young lady on the window seat in the same row. Unfortunately for me, he give a water again, not club soda and walks away. At this time, I am furious. I press the call button. After a many many minutes, the call light above me clears but nobody answers me.

5. The lunch service. The drinks service completely misses my wife who's sitting on my left on 17D. I press the call button again and nobody answers. I make it a point to walk back and let them know they missed serving her. A lady comes back and asks her what she wants - ginger beer. The lady comes back with a can and plastic cup and walks away, My wife, who is very strict about her diet learns after taking a sip that what was served to her was beer and not ginger beer. I press the call button again but I time it. It was 16 minutes and then the light above our head just clears without anybody answering us. I walk back again to tell them that they made a mistake again and gave her beer not ginger beer. I get another rude rhetoric comment - "what is it that she wants" - Ginger beer or ginger ale. They bring her that in the next few minutes.

6. The crew collects the trash etc. But doesn't recycle. And I wonder about the earlier lecture about reusing. I wonder if it was to impress the lady in the window seat that I was made party to a lecture on reusing plastic cups, or this was a subtle neglect since Delta staff did not like our presence among white passengers with a white crew.

7. The crew brings hot towels, again they forget to give it to us. I was asleep but my wife noticed that we seemed to be invisible to the crew, yet again. There is a reason for this point by point account of our experience. My wife had a similar experience on a separate delta flight where she perceived a sense of neglect if not anything else by the crew. See Case Number 21xxxxxx. Now, explain to me what I should do if such an experience repeats on a delta flight or assure me that these are isolated incidents and by chance happened in close proximity of one another. Also, assure me that this is not a Delta policy to neglect/question/criticize customer requests for water and drinks and racially profile customers at check-in counters. And for the love your own company, jobs and basic human principles don't just send me a bunch of miles and shut me up.

Finally, I would like this complaint to be made available to the boss of customer experience and SkyMiles program. Thanks for your patience and willingness to read through this and hopefully you will bring it to the attention of the right individuals and the right levels.

Submitted: Thu Nov 03 2016 07:07:44 GMT-0700 (PDT)


Reply #1: Nearly a month later

From: Contact Delta
Date: December 1, 2016 at 12:09:38 PM EST
Subject: Re: CC-Share a Compliment-After Trip  (xxxxxxx)
Hello Gurudatha,

RE: Case Number xxxxx

Thanks for writing about your flight from Paris.        We will investigate your concerns and get back to you as quickly as possible. We ask you to be patient as it may take up to 30 days to respond. 

Michelle S. Samuel

From: Contact Delta Date: December 2, 2016 at 4:03:04 PM EST To: Subject: Re: CC-Share a Compliment-After Trip (KMM66303719V87065L0KM) Hello Gurudatha, RE: Case Number 21730070 Thanks for the email about your travel experience with us on November 2nd at the Charles de Gaulle airport and onboard DL 35. I understand your disappointment with the way the security agent questioned you while standing in line at the ticket counter. There is no excuse for rudeness, in fact we don't tolerate it. We expect all of our agents to be courteous and respectful to our passengers. I"m forwarding your feedback to the Charles de Gaulle Airport Customer Service leadership team to use for service improvement. After your experience at the ticket counter, it was discouraging to learn that the flight attendants were also rude and were not attentive during the flight. I can imagine how frustrating it must having to ask multiple times for a drink or being skipped over during beverage service. I would have been upset too. It's our goal to provide the best service possible, this includes being helpful to all of our passengers. I'm sorry you didn't get the service you expected and that we have let you down before. We take you feedback very seriously and it will be shared with our InFlight Service leadership team for internal follow-up. Bonus Miles We know that we can't replace what happened or place a value on your experience, but we can offer you a goodwill gesture to show that we do care. So, I’m adding 3,000 bonus miles to each of your SkyMiles accounts. They should be transferred into your accounts within three business days. We appreciate your business and hope that you will give us another chance to provide a more positive experience. Regards, Jennifer Wilson


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