'shyAmalA' 'dandakam'

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Recently tweeted,
"Why are there so many incomplete (often incorrect) #lyrics of #sanskrit #shlokas online and actually there are only a few good websites!

And I have my reasons to believe so, for one, it is very difficult to search the internet for Samskritham, things are spelled very different by different people, they are also referenced in wrong ways; many people (including myself) don't know where the original shlokas came from; for we hear them once in a while in isolation.

Some notation: Henceforth, I will refer the Sanskrit words in single quotes in a manner similar to Indian language typesetting with English characters like it is done in softwares like Baraha (http://www.baraha.com/). For example, 'samskritham', also note the deviation from English semantics.

Anyway, I made the tweet in the context of one of my favorite 'shloka', the 'mANikya vEnA' by 'kavirathnA kaLidAsa'.

This video, in my opinion, is a great tribute to 'kaLidAsa' and comes quite close to making justice to 'kaLidAsa' 's legacy. But if you try to google (I also tried the other search engines) the lyrics for this 'shloka' but most of the results are not satisfactory, despite the supposedly 'vast resources' of the internet, I couldn't find a reliable resource for the lyrics. So, here is my attempt to fill that void at least for this 'shloka'. 

Background: This particular piece is actually a small work of 'kALidAsa' - 'shyAmalA dandakam'; praising 'shyAmalA', the Goddess 'kaLi', in a single sentence basically.
see definition of 'dandakam' :

anyway, here is the lyrics,
Be advised that this may have mistakes, I am only an enthusiast and not an expert.

mANikyA vEnAm upalAlayanthEm, madhAlasAm manjuLa vAkvilAsAm (2)
mAhEndra nElA dhyuthi komalAngEm, mAthangA kanyAm manasA smarAmimanasA smarAmi

chaturbhuje chandrakaLAvathamse kuchchonnate kumkuma rAge shoNe,
pundrekshu pAshAnkusha pushpa bhaNe hasthe, namaste, jagadEka mAthA

mAthA marakatA shyAma, mAthangE madhushAlinE
kuryAth katAksham kalyaNE, kadambhA vanavAsinE
jaya mAthangA thanayE, jaya nElOphaladhyuthe
jaya sangEtha rasike, jaya lElA shukhapriye,

sudhA samudhrantharudhyamaNee deepa samrOdavilavntharE madhya  kalpadruma kalpa kAdambhA kAntArA vAsapriye, kriththivAsapriye,  sarvalOkapriye,
vallakEvAdaNa prakriya lOla thAlEdanA bhadhdha tAtanga bhOshA visheshaNvithe
sidhdhA sammanithE

dheva dhevEsha dhanthyEsha yakshEsha bhOthEsha vAgEshA koNeshA vayvagni kOteerA manikya sangushtA bAlA thapOdhAma lakshyAra lakshmE grahEtangrE padme,
suruchira navarathna pETasthithe, susthithe
shankapadmadvayopAsthithe, Ashtithe

devi durgAvatu kshethra pAlatyurthE
maththa mAthangA kanyA samOhanvithE

sarva yanthrAthmike,
sarva manthrAthmike,
sarva tanthrAthmike,
sarva mudrAthmike,
sarva shkthyAthmike,
sarva varNAthmike,
sarva rUpE, jaganmAnthrAke,
pAhimAm, pAhimAm pAhimAm,
mAm pAhi.


1. As it turns out, I was being stupid when I was searching the lyrics, "shyamala dandakam", is a better search keyword for what I was looking for. So, I will let you search and find out the the entire 'dandakam' and its meaning.
2. Thanks to NB for inspiring me to write this one (http://lifeasiknowit-nik.blogspot.com/)


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