Jai shree ram

Here is one of my favorite 'shloka', from 'shanthi parva' of the 'mahAbhArath', when 'bhEshmA' replying to a question by 'yudhishtirA' about the God one should pray to. 'bhishma' refers 'yudhishtirA' to the 'vishnu sahasra nAmA stotrA', the 1000 names of 'vishnu' as the appear in various vedic literature such as 'shrimad bhAgavathA', 'padma purANa' and 'uttara kAnda' (the later part of 'rAmAyaNA').

anyway, here it goes,

श्री राम रामॆति रमे रामे मनॊरमे ।
सहस्र नाम ततुल्यं राम नाम वराननॆ ॥


shrE rAma rAmEti rame rAme manOrame |
sahasra nAma tatulyaM rAma nAma varAnanE ||


My lady, I engross myself in the phrase "shrE rAma",
the one which is equal to the thousand names.


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