hello doctor!

वैध्यराज नमस्तुभ्यं यमराज सहोदर:
यमस्तु हरति प्राणान् वैध्य: प्राणान् धनानि च।

vaidhyaraaja namastubhyaM yamaraaja sahodara:
yamastu harati prANaan vaidhya: prANAn dhanAni cha|


- greetings to you doctor, the brother of 'yamaA' (the death god),
'yamA' just takes lives, doctor - lives and money too!!

My doctor friends, please take no offense, may be, next time I will find one that praises your efforts. FYI, I have a lot of respect to the profession of doctor, particularly those who give service as opposed to those who do business.


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