Comments on the TED talk by Maajid Nawaz: A global culture to fight extremism


Your comments??!!

It was an interesting talk Mr. Maajid Nawaz.
It was thought provoking to hear that democracy needs advocacy. Until today, I was perhaps of the opinion that democracy has been proved to the best political system humanity has been able to give itself. But today, I am starting to think that any thought school would need some kind of narrative time and again to be able to stay alive. Perhaps, it is yet another case of survival of the fittest.
Talking of survival of the fittest, it seems like the belief system that is the strongest would survive and all parties are hell-bent to prove their strength. It pains me that people don't seem to understand the fundamental nature of belief systems including science (science as a belief system has one great advantage over others which I will mention below.) According to me, every belief systems came into existence through a need of humanity, as its conscience built up, to explain life and perhaps after life. It is only right to say that these were explained by intellects who, with the help of their phenomenal observation skills, were able to see and think beyond the average men and women at the time. I think it is only apt for the intellect and leaders of the current day to refine them and reflect them to a modern life perhaps based on what one can see and think today. It may mean that some things are not applicable anymore and some may need to be redefined.
Science on the other hand has been said to be a definitive thing. Yet, it is only a tool to explain nature and physical observations much like belief systems attempting to explain life. In science, however, there is room to prove and disprove, to theorize with an option to be wrong, to be not entirely perfect. It is because what one can observe today with the tools are available may seem to be only a side-effect of a more generic event or theory as seen tomorrow.
Why belief systems cannot be be thought of as various theories of life and attempts by fellow humans to explain life?



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