Convergence is an end!!

I have been pondering on the thought of "what next"!! And today I thought I should get this collection of thought recorded here. It is a simple question, but the answer to this question is quite dynamic. For instance, if you ask me this question on a week day, my answer is many cases would be on the lines that I should stop taking courses and get some productive research work done and get some formal credit. By the end of the day, I will be sick and tired of all the silly signal processing and statistics. My answer to the same question would be that I just want to get done and be done with all this non-sense.

But if somebody asked me in public what is next for me, my answer will be perhaps quite contradictory. I will answer that I want to do a good job with my phd and get a job in a good research facility!! But deep within, I am more and more inclined to do all this formal academic stuff like a day job and do a lot of other things, things that are both fun and useful. I wonder how concrete that feeling is! Will it materialize, not necessarily in the near future. Things that I want to do need more homework (something that I can afford to do less of, right now) and more pro-active approach. It is not going to be easy, but easy is not what I am looking for. 

Too much of vague statements and rather confused thoughts. If I don't want to say it, I should rather not mention it. I guess I should get back to my technical reading for the day, I am not done for today, more like yesterday! hmm!! What was all that about "being done with the non-sense"!! You see, fundamentally I love what I do! "I love it, like I hate it"!!

To end this blog entry, the converse question seems more promising - "next is what?", next is an open ended, undecided and better yet design-able event.

oh! by the way, now I have a bike trainer in my bedroom. I have fixed my Motobecane on it and I train 45 minutes "interval-training" twice a week. Thanks to my friend LP for letting me borrow his trainer. After 45 minutes, I am dead!! The more you sweat on the trainer the less you will bleed on the road, ;) I also got a new book, that I am very excited about - "Computing Science in Ancient India"; when I am done reading it, I will try to write a review for it; this is an exciting topic for me. 


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