Bangalore Traffic

With all the buzz about new green field airport in Bangalore, its connectivity issues and news papers only publishing pages on this, I thought a bit left behind.

I am known for commenting, Yes I agree I do. I do that a lot. But Bangalore traffic is a mess, and more than a mess its turning to be a menace.

I do understand that Bangalore has grown as a city as nobody could imagine. Of course its the failure of the diplomacy. But, its not just that. It just means we have not learned our way through.

Think of this, How long since is the Bangalore Traffic gone out of control? Definetly not more than five years. In the last five years, we have seen three chief ministers, talking. We have seen may be a handful of police chiefs. I dont understand why do they not learn.

As a ordinary motorist, I can see people flouting rules as if they don exist, as if they were born to be selfish -----. Most often than not, traffic comes to a stand still, only coz a biker or a auto would be trying to go in reverse direction, just to avoid a long u-turn. A BMTC bus stopping in the middle of the road, as if It were to carry any public. Every god damn motorist, mostly educated, rather literate, Breaking rules. Never mind the rules, people are not even ready to be disciplined. Disciplined enough to realize who should move first, to make it fast and quick for every one.

Bangalore roads are full of bottle necks. A narrow section, a sharp turn, a big hump on a small road, a speed breaker on a speedy ring road.... we do all to stop the traffic. Common people lets move faster, Its is not the speed that kills or hurts people. Its reckless, irresponsible and drunken driving that kills people.

Roads, my god, only half the width of the road is actually used by the dynamic traffic, rest all its static, either parked, stopped, being repaired, oh, you would get a million of them. and then, there are slow moving autos, bikers, who wanna go slow because they have all the time in the world and neutral is the most efficient gear in their engines. And if there are no vehicles stopped on any road, that means that road is dug up somewhere or, there is a diversion, a musical day-eve-night or all on the road, with Mr. Ganesha, or Dr. Raj or State Flag. When will we realize that these people,gods and flags are more respectful than on roads?

And then man holes, uneven roads, full of dust and waste. As if these were not enough, we have a policeman standing guard at every automatic signal, i guess he protects the lights. There would be more policemen at every intersections, or they will be around there somewhere.

I wanna start a group of people who care for their fellow drivers, for the roads, passengers, etc. I wanna see full surface area of roads being used, barricaded on either sides, flat out roads and friendly people.


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