Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, The most Dynamic Politician

Yesterday, my dear readers, was the death anniversary of, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. For me, he is the most dynamic politician India ever had. Today, I will tell you how I and you are to be influenced, inspired by this gentleman.

He was indeed a gentleman politician, unlike most of his counterparts. It was, i guess sometime in 80's that Rajiv officially joined politics after death of his brother Sanjay Gandhi quitting his Air India pilot's job. He contested from Amethi constituency, in UP and won. And when, the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was assassinated in 84, Rajiv became the youngest Prime Minister of independent India. But, He asked the president to dissolve the Parliament and conduct new elections. In the general elections that followed, Congress party had a amazing majority and Rajiv became the Prime Minister again.

Then was the era, when India started to keep the simple goals of Independence period and making new bold and impressive goals. India realised that with the current pace, We would not be ready for 21st century. If it were not for Rajiv's new, young and fresh ideas. He realised that India needs to import, learn and develop new technologies particularly the
telecommunication, Satellite and IT. If I am asked, who laid the IT foundation in India, my answer would be Mr. Rajiv Gandhi for he was responsible for the setting up of MTNL and PCOs

He was not a person, who gave speeches after speeches and delivered nothing. In fact, on most of the occasions he delivered and then spoke about it. He made many important ammendments and bills that changed the way MPs made legislation. He, in fact, even changed the way people voted by reducing age limit to 18. In this way, a lot of youngsters made active participation in politics and countries progress.

The biggest setback for Rajiv was the backfiring of peace keeping force sent to Srilanka. Many lost lives due to this attempt even Rajiv had to sacrifice his life for this cause, when a human bomb exploded near him at his election rally on 21st may 1991 at his election rally in Sri Perambadur in Tamilnadu.

In this way, sadly, one of India's proud man had a terrifying end. An stop that we need to continue, continue for the good.


anu said…
Guru I really appriciate your blog on Politics.
I still remember the dark day. He was the ideal person to be in Indian politics.
Do you think is youth who is really interested in present Indian politics will be serviving for needy people?
Gurudath Pai said…
Well, politics is not the only way to serve people. But nonetheless, it is one of the primary ways. Yes, I do think, youth participates in politics. I know many among my own friends talk about politics, doing something for the society and many among them do turn up when we had a chance to make an impact.
nisha said…
hi dear.....i always heard that he was great politician and an ideal person at his work but never really knew his efforts.Reading your blog, you just made me realize many things.i know,good things and good people always have shorter span for the most changing world.As you said, I too hope that the new generations focus on what actually has to be focussed!!

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