Jan Lok Pal Bill?

There seems to be another fling in India, The Jan Lok Pal Bill. I am keeping quiet for now but for this blog. Few people asked me if I support this or not! My answer has been "don't know". To tell you the truth, i am skeptical, skeptical that there is an ulterior motive in all this, there is a vested interest; there always has been one.

Porbably many would ask me what vested interest people of the likes of Kiran Bedi IPS, Shree (repeated 4 times) Ravishankar or some others might have. I know I am not mentioning Mr. Anna Hazare there in that list, for I don't know him. Nor do I know Amir Khan.

On the outset, everything seems to be quite valid, the arguments, the letters to PM, the hunger strike. It seems too good to be true. And you know what, many say, "When it seems too good to be true, it often is". The historical record of such wakes doesn't show promise. I can think of many examples, for one, think of Kargil war. Many people donated their hard-earned money thinking that it will help pay for the brave soldiers and their family. But never was there a widely published report on how this money was spent, who were the beneficiaries. All the beneficiaries I have come to know are the top-ranked military personal who dictated the orders from the comfort of their air-conditioned plush offices in New Delhi and their non-military secretaries, the politicians, the list goes on.

I have seen enough videos on Facebook and elsewhere, read enough number of people asking me If I do support it. I have seen enough websites being built on it with "like us on Facebook" widgets. For once, let see a public debate, lets hear lawmakers, lawyers and legal experts comment on it. Lets hear what parts of the Indian Penal Code does this bill tries to re-enforce, implement and execute. Lets hear how this will effect an ordinary Indian's life in a positive way. I don't want to hear the same old story, the story of how it is supposed to be, how we want it to be. I want to hear how we will make it what we want it to be.

I will be waiting to know, how the story pans out. Finally, one more comment, that I often hear in the TV here in US, "So, pick up the phone and call your senator and tell him you support this law. Be there at the next town meeting and tell him/her you mean it". If we really do think that we want this bill, if we are really sure that this is what will help us, we should call our MLA and MP; tell them that we mean it.

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