A goal misunderstood

These days, on lazy weekends such as these I am finding myself typing something in this window. And few times in the weekdays I check the html tracker trying to find out who visited my page. It is sometimes interesting to see some unusual listing of browsers such as PBSTB. God knows what it is; for google sure doesn't know and for all those MS fans out these, Bing also doesn't know. This argument on search engines can divert my attention from my blog here..

And other times, I find strange referral links such as http://cdn.lmodules.com/opensocial/ or http://petualangbaginkentutkentut.iteethwhiteningguide.com/. I am ready to bet that some searches on these things will drive traffic to my blog here lol :D (If you are one such person, sorry to disappoint you, I don't have answers for your questions! )

But how important are these? I am not able to understand my own actions here. Why are these stats so important for the very action of having put in mechanisms to record them and the periodic analysis of them seems to suggest that I give them some importance. Do I? How do I care who reads my blog?

Trivia: Did you know NCIS is one of my fav tv series, if you guessed that I do not have a tv series addiction, I do, its NCIS. Anyway, in one of the episodes, Series 4 episode 9, "Twisted Sister"  to be precise,  it is said, "a blog as something that losers write!".. hmm.. I am more or less sure that "this statement was not meant to be factual". http://marquee.blogs.cnn.com/2011/04/12/stephen-colberts-not-factual-hashtagging/

But why do people like myself, write blogs? Just to document a train of thoughts that has no destination. Or may be to be able to connect the dots in retrospect sometime in future! Hmm.. That brings me to another thought stop! I wonder how that sequence of connected dots looks like now? What will I be able to make of all the blogs I have written (including some private blogs) so far?

Clearly, I have changed some much over time, but the most important is what I consider to be my longterm goal in life. Yes, I do have "goal", "mission", "vision" and "value" statements, :P

Anyway, I am done with these scatter of thoughts, its not going towards anything consistent.


Katy said…
You've achieved the true purpose of blogging in this post , Guru! :) It is a platform where we can document our ravings and/or musings, come back later and laugh at ourselves for being so confused ... or gape at it in wonder that once-upon-a-time we had so much insight in life! :) Also, I think every blogger tries to track and find out who reads their posts. We are all vain, to an extent, for sure!! :D

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